You guys have seen me stream it, now I have the pleasure of officially announcing it!

The Woods is an adults only dark erotic fantasy comic featuring deer like creatures called the Vindia.

cookingpeach is the author and character designer, I am the illustrator!~

It’s been a great honor and a privilege to work on this story, I think you guys are going to love it~ :)

To debut with monthly updates only at Club Stripes!

Hey peeps! So this is one of the things I’ve been working on! Working with hensa on this brand new Club Stripes story.

I announced this one awhile back on FA and showed some small previews of illos I had done. Over time the project changed and I brought Hensa on and I think its coming out lovely! I’ll try to share more of this as the story comes out!


hardcore punk wolf and her nerdy sheep gf !!


Blackface is awful and there is no doubt about that, and it’s wonderful that people are becoming conscientious enough of the problem to call out people who think it’s appropriate in costumes, but please think twice before you jump on board with this whole “shoot first ask questions later” approach to anyone suspected of bronzing their skin in any way for cosplay purposes. I am seeing it lead to a lot of Latino, Native, and Middle Eastern folks getting bullied and harassed for cosplaying characters with their own skin tone by internet strangers accusing them of being white people in make up and that is disgusssssttttiiiiiinnnnggggg. It’s fostering an atmosphere where people are afraid to dress up like characters who actually look like them because someone on the internet will see and raise wild, insulting accusations that they’ll never be able to respond to due to the rumour mill game of telephone set up of sites like tumblr and twitter.

Especially with all the awesome Dragon Con photos that are gonna be circulating in the next few days, please just be conscious of other people, don’t automatically assume the worst as a knee-jerk reaction and start posting without looking into the matter further, and if you really, strongly suspect foul play please take it up with the cosplayer in private before you make a public spectacle throwing accusations you can never take back. (Also be aware that there’s really no polite way to accuse someone of being a white person in brownface so don’t take it too personally if they’re insulted you asked. It’s still better than making a scene in public only to find out you were harassing someone for no reason)


For those who don’t know, positronicwoman is one of the kindest, most generous, and supportive women I have ever known. She has helped me through so much in the years I’ve known her, and has grown to become one of my closest friends even though I’ve never had the good fortune to meet her in-person.

She has helped me realise who I am, helped pull me out of the deepest pits of depression I’ve gone through, and has even sent gifts to show how much of a friend she is and how she’s always there for me no matter what. And I know for a fact that she has helped, supported, loved, and cared for many others, also introducing us all together and inadvertently creating an incredibly tight-knit community of close friends.

Right now she is suffering through incredibly tough times. She has had to run away across the United States, from Michigan to Seattle, to escape her father, but after a year of stable living she is now facing homelessness or moving in with a person known to be abusive, who was the only person able to offer her a room. What she needs right now is a place to stay, with other transgender/queer femme people in the area that she can feel safe with. That doesn’t mean money won’t help though.

I am asking all of my followers and any of your own who reblog this, please help. Please at least share this if you can’t contribute yourself. I’ve set up this page myself, with the goal only being a soft cap and more of a general idea of what might be able to support her for some time. So even five dollars will mean a lot. 

Please help a young trans woman survive in this day and age.

She means so much to so many people and the world wouldn’t be the same without her.

would donations of money be helpful to you / something that you're comfortable accepting?





this would be immensely helpful honestly, there’s a donate button on my blog, but only do this if you feel comfortable doing so and it won’t take anything you need. we’ve been basically out of food for a week now (right now we’ve got some dry pasta and some peanut butter layng around and not much else, no veggies no meat) but we’re managing to scrape by

Here’s the link, help her out if you can

plz help good friend Quinn

this link does not work but there is a donate button on quinn girlkisser2k14's blog that you should click and then fill it with money if you can

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Final Fantasy stuck for mechadragon

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more bear owls

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